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A shop-built sharpening Station

I was inspired by some web surfing. Here is my variation of the sharpening jig.
I decided to build my version of the OneWay sharpening jig.
I made this from some scraps left over from a trailer project.

The adjustable slide is a piece of 1-1/4" tube welded to some angle. I welded a 1/4"-20 nut to the tubing for a knob.

The rear rest of my sharpening jig.
I welded a section of 1" angle to a section of 1" square tubing. A small triangle of scrap completes the rest.

I upgraded to better wheels. These are Norton.
The left is #120, the right is #60.
The side-grind jig sits in a hole in the bench, ready to use.

My side-grind jig is a bit of 1" tubing, tapped on the top corner, for a 1/4"-20 eyebolt. I welded a piece of all-thread to the tubing to hold the tools at 55-degrees.
I'll be making more jigs for other bevels.

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