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My Studio

My "studio" is in the basement of my home. I have a large wood and welding shop in a detached building where I build Custom Teardrop Trailers.
The basement is better for turning, since the controlled climate is better for the wood. I use green wood, so the drying process works better in this setting.
I turn on two lathes. My first lathe is home-built. It will swing 28" over the short bed.
My favorite lathe right now is a Jet-1220-VS. The lathe is mounted on a base that is filled with #240 of sand. It's a little under powered for really heavy work, but I mostly turn smaller limbs. My bigger projects are turned on the home-built lathe. 

I process logs in the big shop on a Grizzley 14" bandsaw. I added a 6" riser block to the saw.
Once cut to rough size, I store them, with sealed ends, in the shop.

I have a shop-built sharpening jig. I got the Idea from Darrell Felmate.
I changed out the high speed machine for a 1750rpm unit recently.

Dust collection is accomplished by a large shop-vac and a built in exhaust fan.

As finances allow, I'll be adding a drill-press and, eventually a larger lathe, perhaps the PowerMatic.

The Jet1220-VS

My shop-built bowl lathe

It's a section of scrap 6-by-24 I-beam. The beam alone weighs over #150.
As you can see, I built it in 1982.

Tool storage.

Some of my Urban-Logged turning stock.

More treasures!

A mid-project view of my work space.

I sharpen on a shop-built jig.

I shoot my photos in this "studio-in-a-box".

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