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 Spalted Alder 6" by 2" Elm Translucent
Black Locust 4" by 2" Green Turned 
Elm Translucent
Honey Locust Naturals Each about 6"
Natural Trio
Natural Edge Trio
Cherry Natural
Cherry About 8" at the rim Danish Oil
Maple About 6" Laquer Finish
Apple About 3"
Ash Green Turned About 6"
Cherry About 12"
Another view of the 12" Cherry Bowl
They said it's Elm..3" Laquer
Elm 7"
 Unknown wood, translucent 1/16" thick
Spalted Maple
Spalted Maple 6"
Maple 3" Turned green
Honey Locust
Honey Locust M&M Bowl  6"
Ash about 6"
Rotted Oak, Stabilized with C/A ,Poly finish

Rotted Oak, 4", Base is 2"

Locust, 8" Laquer finish


Spalted Maple Crotch

Spalted Maple Crotch 5"

Locust, about 6"

Locust, Rubbed Polyurethane

Spalted Maple Crotch, Defects left in place

Spalted Maple Crotch, 10"

Apple, Green-turned, Oil Finish 8"


Apple Yin/Yang, Green-turned, Poly finish 5"

The bark inclusion looks like a leaf!

Spalted Maple 6", Shellac Finish

This is about 3/16" Thick

Ice Storm Flower, Locust, 8"

Finished in poly. Gifted.

Another Locust "Flower" 5", Shellac finish.

Red Pine Crotch, about 4"

Finished in Poly. Gifted

My first Hollow form, Norfolk Island Pine 8"

This one is in my wife's collection!

Maple Hollow form, 8" Bark inclusion

Finish is rubbed varnish

Maple Hollow form, Note the Tiger Figure.

This is 6" by 3" high

The opening ia about 1-1/4"

Ambrosia Maple Bowl About 11" by 5"high

The coloring comes from beetle activity.

There are beetle "Tracks" in the rim and bottom.

A Spalted Maple Hollow Form Finish is Varnish

The mottled coloring comes from early stage decay

Stabilized with super-glue. About 6" by 5" high.

Box Elder Hollow Form, 7" by 6" high.

The coloring runs milkey white to blood red.

Finish is buffed varnish..

Cottonwood, About 6" by 5" high

I turned through a branch. Finished in varnish .

Another Cottonwood form. 6" by 6" high.

Honey Locust Teardrop Hollow Form

About 7" bu 8" high .

Finished in Buffed Polyurethane.

Black Locust Narural Edge Bowl
Mineral stains. About 6" in Diameter.

Finished in Oil/Varnish

Cottonwood Hollow Form
About 4" in diameter.

Opening is 1", Finished in Wipe-on Polyurethane.

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