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About Me

About me;
I'm an Adirondack Son. Born on Staten Island New York, I moved upstate when I was in the second grade. So, I've lived here "all" of my life. I currently live near the Great Sacandaga Lake.
I'm married, 29 years to the most patient woman on earth! We have two grown children, Emily, 27 and Lyndsay (son) 24.

My interests have included just about everything to do with creating something with my hands.
I am a self-taught woodworker. The things I wanted or needed for my home, including the home itself, were more easily made, than bought. I've built wooden boats, furniture, musical instruments and wooden Teardrop Trailers.
Recently, my long dormant passion for turning has re-surfaced.

About my work;
My preference is faceplate work. I turn bowls and other forms from wood harvested from the urban forest. That is, wood that is usually thrown away by tree surgeons and developers. Wood that is destined for the wood stove or chipper. I turn green, allow the roughed shape to dry, then finish turn. This process takes months to finish. I do traditional shapes, but really enjoy turnings that include natural elements in them. I don't claim any "style". I just let the wood speak to me, and I follow.

About this website;
My hope is to share the love of wood, and turning with my guests. I plan to post some of the ideas and lessons I have learned from my experience and from other turners. I'm no expert, but, I love to share what I've figured out. I've learned a great deal from other websites. This one is an effort to pay it forward!
I will display some of my work for sale here as well.  If something appeals to you, contact me to purchase.
Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy!
Blessings, Steve

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